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State of the Art

Climate change is winding up as a global challenge and for this reason, limitations on CO2 emissions have become increasingly necessary. Data shows a negative impact on human wellbeing and that reducing CO2 emissions is important to protect the living conditions of current and future generations, and to build a future that is both sustainable and provides high standards of living for everyone. The Paris Agreement, which entered into force in November 2016, marked a milestone in recognizing this challenge for the first time at a fully global level.

In this project, we investigate the B Corps’ role to achieve carbon neutrality, the main factors that influence the achievement of the net-zero goal, and the role that the B Corps have in the countries where they operate.

Project goals

TRACY will inform entrepreneurs, managers, and practitioners about the advantages that a companies’ sustainability orientation has.

TRACY contributes to the debate about the role that B Corps have on the Global South, by evaluating their commitment to net-zero looking forward to their longstanding on innovation and sustainability into achieving this commitment.

Finally, TRACY will consider policy implications in terms of supporting the net-zero B Corps objective in the scenario outlined.

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