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Nuovi modelli di business e valutazione dell’impatto sociale: percorsi di sostenibilità per le PMI

Project Leader: prof. Eleonora Di Maria

About the project

The project intends to contribute to the dissemination of a new culture favouring social inclusion, through the promotion of job creation paths to be implemented within models sensitive to social impact and specific for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This will be done within existing for-profit enterprises that are called upon to overcome the paradigm of profit maximization to embrace an economic approach based on social innovation by capitalizing on existing good practices.

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Project goals

  1. DEFINE AND MEASURE social impact in the context of Venetian SMEs;

  2. ANALYSE the role of financial institutions and grant-making foundations in fostering the adoption of sustainable business models;

  3. IDENTIFY high social impact business models for SMEs.

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